White-label SaaS implementation

Building SaaS web applications at a fraction of cost and time. Examples: and . When your application is ready, we simply hand you the ‘keys’ to the AWS (Amazon Cloud) account where the application is deployed. We can optionally administrate it for you, if you’d wish so.

We will provide you with branded SaaS software package. Features included in every package:

  • user registration page
  • social login (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • user e-mail verification
  • custom dashboard
  • account management screen
  • data processing engine
  • document processing engine

Do you have a specific feature in mind? We can implement it for you!

Before deploying the software online, we will guide you through management of the system and explain how you can extend it.

We can deploy the SaaS service to the cloud and make it available via a domain name (optionally we can manage it for you). You will have Admin access to the application and will OWN it.

If you’d like to develop the software further we can provide you with the source code and help you get started developing your SaaS product.

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