Install Sendy on AWS Lightsail instance running Bitnami WordPress

When following I wasn’t sure where to copy Sendy installation files on my server (Step 2 of the Getting Started guide). The tutorial on Sendy website is generic and leaves the installation location and apache configuration on the user. This blog post shows one way of installing Sendy on Apache webserver pre-packaged in Bitnami’s WordPress image for AWS Lightsail Where to copy Sendy files Copy Sendy files into […]

ExtJS 5 checkout form using Braintree

Why Braintree Payments? Great support – My questions sent to were responded in an hour or two Look&Feel of Drop-In UI – The ZERO SDK from Braintree is state-of-the-art of embeddable credit card forms Supports merchant accounts in Slovakia – Since my business is based in Slovakia, this was a key feature Exmerg checkout form ExtJS 5 – Exmerg is SPA created using ExtJS 5 framework, therefore everything you […]

Experience migrating from ExtJS 4.2.1 to ExtJS 5

A few useful notes for those who are about to migrate from ExtJS 4.2.x to Extjs 5.0.0. Important: There is a detailed upgrade guide from Sencha. This blog post is intended to point out my subjective experience while following Sencha instructions. Replace direct config access with appropriate get/set methods If you have been using direct access to for example extraParams property on proxy, switch to using getExtraParams()/setExtraParams() in ExtJS 5. Always […]

Sencha CMD app build integrated with Maven in Openshift cloud

If you are developing Java web applications, you may be looking for stable, feature rich cloud environment. In this case I recommend Red Hat Openshift cloud. The times are gone when there were unexpected downtimes of the service, or your application got halted if there were no requests for couple of days. So it’s no surprise that my current project also runs on Openshift platform using JBoss cartridge. On […]

SK ISCO-08 vo formáte JSON a XML

SK ISCO-08 vo formáte JSON SK ISCO-08 vo formáte XML Nedávno som dostal za úlohu zapracovať do zákazníckeho systému zoznam kvalifíkácií SK ISCO-08, čo by mal byť kompletný zoznam profesií ktoré sa vyskytujú v našich podmienkach. Zoznam bol spracovaný Štatistickým Úradom Slovenskej Republiky a vydaný ako súčasť Vyhlášky ŠÚ SR č.516/2011 z 10. januára 2012. Oficiálny názov je “Štatistická klasifikácia zamestnaní SK ISCO-08”, viac informácií nájdete v nasledujúcich súboroch: SK […]

Maven EAR project with common persistence context

Recently I run into a use case where i had to replace simple WAR project by an EAR project containing multiple WAR projects (customer required a new application operating on the same DB schema). There were 2 things i needed to share among WAR files in the EAR: Hibernate entity classes persistence context Making the Hibernate entity classes available among EAR project First step was creating a Maven project of […]

Extjs-MVC Template – upgrade to 4.2.1 and improved Maven build

The ExtJS MVC template was originally built with ExtJS 4.2.0, and today i upgrade it to it’s successor ExtJS 4.2.1 (since October 2013 there is also v. 4.2.2, but available only to subscribed members). So let’s upgrade and enjoy some good work of Sencha team. By running following command in /src/main/webapp folder of the Extjs-MVC Template project, Sencha CMD does the job for you (make sure you have ExtJS 4.2.1 […]

Extjs 4.2 production app build with Sencha CMD

Sencha CMD is a powerfull tool which has more to offer then just creating a production build for your application. However, creating a minified build of your javascript and css code plus including all neccessary Extjs framework classes (and leaving the unneccessary ones out) is quite handy. For more detailed introduction to Sencha CMD check out the latest guide. I will show the biuld process on the example Extjs MVC […]

Extjs-MVC-REST-Java-Hibernate Application Template JBoss setup

To run the Extjs-MVC-REST-Java-Hibernate application template on your local jboss (EAP 6.x or AS 7.x). please follow the steps described in this github issue: