Create Charts simply by Drag&Drop
Drag&Drop Workbooks processing
Instant paging, sorting and merging of data

Merge Data Online

Merging data from multiple Microsoft Excel worksheets or CSV files has never been easier. Use simple Drag&Drop instead of complicated macros and formulas.

  • Drag&Drop columns
  • Export merged data
  • No macros and formulas
Start Your Workspace

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Free Data Merging


Automatic workbook processing

Simply drag your workbook file to the browser and have it processed.

Instant paging, sorting and full text search

See your data moving fast under your fingers.

Merging data by custom rules

Create rules and see relations in your data.

Create dynamic charts

You need to try this. It’s awesome!

Download merged data

Export merged data or save them in your workspace for later.

Checkout example online pivot table created with EXMERG

EXMERG automatically processes data from excel or csv files and enables paging, sorting and full text search

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