Sencha CMD app build integrated with Maven in Openshift cloud

If you are developing Java web applications, you may be looking for stable, feature rich cloud environment. In this case I recommend Red Hat Openshift cloud. The times are gone when there were unexpected downtimes of the service, or your application got halted if there were no requests for couple of days. So it’s no surprise that my current project also runs on Openshift platform using JBoss cartridge. On […]

Maven EAR project with common persistence context

Recently I run into a use case where i had to replace simple WAR project by an EAR project containing multiple WAR projects (customer required a new application operating on the same DB schema). There were 2 things i needed to share among WAR files in the EAR: Hibernate entity classes persistence context Making the Hibernate entity classes available among EAR project First step was creating a Maven project of […]

Extjs-MVC-REST-Java-Hibernate Application Template JBoss setup

To run the Extjs-MVC-REST-Java-Hibernate application template on your local jboss (EAP 6.x or AS 7.x). please follow the steps described in this github issue: