ExtJS 5 checkout form using Braintree

Why Braintree Payments? Great support – My questions sent to support@braintreepayments.com were responded in an hour or two Look&Feel of Drop-In UI – The ZERO SDK from Braintree is state-of-the-art of embeddable credit card forms Supports merchant accounts in Slovakia – Since my business is based in Slovakia, this was a key feature Exmerg checkout form ExtJS 5 – Exmerg is SPA created using ExtJS 5 framework, therefore everything you […]

Experience migrating from ExtJS 4.2.1 to ExtJS 5

A few useful notes for those who are about to migrate from ExtJS 4.2.x to Extjs 5.0.0. Important: There is a detailed upgrade guide from Sencha. This blog post is intended to point out my subjective experience while following Sencha instructions. Replace direct config access with appropriate get/set methods If you have been using direct access to for example extraParams property on proxy, switch to using getExtraParams()/setExtraParams() in ExtJS 5. Always […]